This Daft Guy Tried to Scam A 'White Woman' Online And Got Trolled In The Best Way Possible

by Irene

Any female will be able to tell you that they have been the victim of unwarranted dm's and pm's online. That's right, no matter what we look like, black or white, fat or thin, blonde or brunette, red or bald, young or old (you get the picture), every one of us has received messages online from some random guy. 

Just like our mama's have told us; these guys only want one thing. They have reached the worst level of desperation when they go on social media websites (like Facebook) in order to try and seduce some poor soul. A guy known as BigDave decided to get these guys in the best way he knew how; by trolling them. 

And so our tale begins.

Real nice bby.

I love whote women.

Good heavens!

This conversation has turned to money?!

I promise bby.

You want to see my bobs?

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