Dark And Unsettling Comics That Will Occupy Your Mind For The Rest Of The Day

by Jenny

In 2015, "ELCOMICS" was started by artist Yael Nathan and writer Ehud Lavski. Since the beginning, ELCOMICS has had a lot of success- enough to attract 10 million viewers of their comics over the last couple of years. The duo writes dark, mysterious comics that take emotional twists that no reader will expect. 

Their first book, "Don't They Know It's The End Of The World", is available on the direct-to-consumer creative sharing website, Gumroad. It contains many comics, including "The Nintendo," "Midnight Radio," "Hug," "Ark," "Shhh," "Cold Embrace," and "Test." Check out these comics below, and check out the full e-book here.

"Hug" will give you a crazy new perspective on the world.

"Ark" is unique and dystopian.

"Cold Embrace" is spooky.

"Test" will make you wonder.

"Shhh" will make you hide under the covers.

"The Nintendo" is quite unnerving.

"Midnight Radio" is elusive and dark.

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