Photos That Show Exactly What It's Like To Have A Tall Nerdy Boyfriend

by Mikayla

If you are one of those people who are on the shorter side of things (like myself), then dating people can be a real issue. Especially if you're around 4 or 5 feet tall and the person you like is a 6-foot giant. Meet Fishball, the Malaysian Artist, gamer, and geek who dates a 6 Foot 5 man. That's tall by anyone's standards, but from our tiny perspective, it's almost amazonian standard.

She documents all of their adventures as a couple in a series called "My Giant Nerd Boyfriend" and let's just say it's absolutely adorable. They do typical couple things, and go on cute adventures we'd all love, but show us all how your partner being over a foot taller than you cause both problems, and hilarity.

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1. Nothing honey. Nothing.




5.No Pikachu's were harmed...


7. That's enough people for today...


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