15 Exact Moment When People Realized They Were Dating An Idiot

by Ayoub Mask

There's nothing worse than dating an idiot, especially if you already happen to be in love with that person which makes everything so much harder for you. If your partner happens to be an idiot you can either choose to simply accept that fact and learn how to live with it or you can end the relationship and stop wasting your time on someone who will make your life even more complicated than it already is.

1. Shaydie

We were driving around this weird part of Las Vegas and I said, "This is surreal." He said, " I know. It's so real." I repeated, "Surreal" and he repeated, "So. Real."

2. teenyleemy

Asked him what event resulted in WWI. His response was 9-11. He was serious.

3. vDukie

We were watching Django, and during the winter training montage there is a moment where the camera pans over a herd of reindeer. At that moment my ex said something about how she thought it was weird that they would include reindeer in the movie because it kind of breaks the immersion. I was confused and asked what she meant by that. She went on to explain to me how reindeer weren't real animals and just make believe like characters in a fairy tale (aka Rudolph & the rest of Santas reindeer)

4. Iscariot-

When she flipped out because her third grader came home with "erect" on a spelling list, and was on the verge of calling the school. She honestly had lived her entire life not knowing "erect" had any other use aside from describing a penis.

5. Star90s

I dated a guy for about a month until I found out that he didn't realize that women's breasts made actual milk to feed their babies. He thought "breast feeding" was just a way to hold a baby while giving it a bottle.I told him he was an idiot and he said, with a disgusted sneer, "I didn't know that because I have never known any woman, who had or would, breast feed their child."I told him that I had breast fed my son and he called me a child molester.

6. bunchoffuckinJamals

When she thought I was crazy for putting pop tarts in a toaster. Or maybe it was the time she tried making hamburger helper for the first time at 27 years old and called me from the store to ask where they sold the "brown hamburger meat"..... I'm wasting away to nothing...send help. Oh I almost forgot the best part...she's teaching your children right now in a public school.

7. That_SWFL_Life

First time was when he told my parents he was a meatatarian because he eats everything. The same guy told me that the bumps on the side of the highway are so blind drivers know when they run off the road. Ah, highschool boyfriends. He was hot though.

8. Kaleon 

The moon is so beautiful tonight.""That's a streetlight."

9. dopkick

I had been dating this girl for a few months and it was Christmas time. We weren't super serious but it was serious enough that I was buying her Christmas presents. I found something for her that was perfect and it had a connection to some funny event involving her and my cat. So I made the present from the cat. I thought I was being cute and she would make the connection. Instead, she got pissed that my cat got her a present and I didn't. I thought she was joking. To make matters worse we were at her parents' place and they backed her up. It was extremely awkward and I realized it wasn't going to work out.

10. Frodobaconzz

When I was helping her with Geography homework and she couldn't point out our own country on the map.

11. RevolPeej

When she pointed up at a bluish star and sincerely asked "Is that Earth?"

12. gawdybaubles

When she "surprised" me by inviting her mother on our 16 day Hawaiian cruise.

13. tedave123

She got me madlibs and when it was her turn to do a noun she asked "What is a noun?" I said "it's a person, place, or thing." There was a long silence as she thought. It went on for so long that I thought she must be thinking of the best noun I had ever heard. Then she said "place."

14. Max_TwoSteppen

She told me with a straight face that our horoscopes had changed and it was a bad idea to be together.

15. Pilse84

Back in college, I saw a fleur de lis tattoo on the girl's butt for the first time.Me: What made you decide to get a fleur de lis tattoo on your ass?Her: I don't know, I wanted something tribal.

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