This Dad And Step Mom Humiliated Their Daughter To Retaliate Against Her Mother By Chopping Her Beautiful Hair Off

by Elana

Divorce is hard on everyone, the parents, the children, friends and family... it just takes it's toll! It certainly doesn't get easier when separated parents are trying to co-parent a teenager. The teenage years are erupting with confusing emotions, even more confusing self discovery, and a constant battle of self-expression.

And all of those conflicting, raging hormones your teenager is trying to navigate through often makes things insanely difficult for the parent! So imagine how much more complex it gets when mom and dad split up and definitely do not get along. At that point, something as simple as a haircut can create conflict one never thought was previously possible.


So imagine your freshly turned teenage girl comes to you and wants to get some highlights in her hair. It sounds innocent enough and 14 is a memorable birthday so you decide to go through with it! Your daughter loves her new hairstyle and the day is well spent. You take her back to her father's house and she is returned you the next visit with a butchered pixie style hair cut, humiliated, degraded, and devastated. She's been told "that's what she gets" for getting highlights in her hair. She's been punished in a humiliating manner.


It sounds insane, right? Well it happened!

Christin Johnson, mother of 14 year-old Kelsey, took to Facebook in a now viral storm of epic proportions when her teenage daughter was returned to her with a butchered haircut as a form of punishment for getting highlights while with her mother. According to Christin's post on Facebook, Kesley's dad, Schaffen Frederick, and her stepmother, Sarah Murray, were furious with the teenage girl's birthday gift and needed to teach her a lesson!

"This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home..."


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