Tumblr User Writes A Story About A Demon And A Grandma And The Result Is Ridiculously Entertaining

by Mikayla

Snuggle in folks, and prepare the tissues for a Tumblr user has written the short story of a lifetime. An adorable grandmothers lifetime to be exact. I can explain the storyline all I like but it won't ever gather the emotions that this short tale gives off, tugging at the heartstrings of everyone who reads it. The story of a demon who was accidentally summoned by a lonely grandmother is one you wouldn't expect to love, but 'Todd' the demon and his loving grandmother are two people you can't help but fall in love with.

Check out the story below and be prepared to get misty eyed!

This picture is where it all began...

via: Reddit

And for people in a rush, here's the story summed up in 5 lines.

But now the story begins:

The demon soon realizes there has been a big mistake

Or has there? His summoning circle is right there!

And then he meets granny...

And as you can imagine it's a little bit awkward...

But only because she mistakes him for her grandson!

Her human grandson, Todd.

Now this is where things get interesting! (and adorable.)

It's all just a happy mistake.

So the demon decides to enjoy it for a while!

It appears that granny is very, very blind...

It's clear that she is very lonely.

She assumes his voice is simply deep, like his grandfathers.

Then he realizes the mistake she had made that morning...

Unsurprisingly the story was loved by a lot of people.

Some even added in their own endings, and dictated season like it was a TV show!

Which, let's be honest, it should be because people would 100% watch this. (Coming to Netflix in 2019: Demon Adopted)

They gave plenty of ideas of what they want to see from the pair:

And so the story continued:

Todd saves the day!

And he carries her soul to where it belongs...

He's forced to face monsters even bigger than him

And he finally does it...

He tries to leave, but wait!

Is this is end of Todd and His Grandma? Another user finished the story in the best way possible.

I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING

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