Everything You Need To Know About The Controversy of The Dinosaur Cat Trend

by Elana

By now you've probably seen photos all over the Internet of adorable cats with Dinosaur patterns shaved into their fur. There's pretty much no denying or attempting to argue that these cats look seriously adorable with their fancy hair cuts but as the trend continues to grow with popularity some people have begun to ask important questions raising a previously undiscussed controversy surrounding the seemingly fun hairstyle.

It's important to ask yourself before you seek to shave your cat in any capacity if the Dinosaur cut (or any cut) is right for your cat and we are here to help break it down for you!

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Breaking down the pros and cons of the Dinosaur Kitty Cut:

For most cats the only real "pro" to giving your kitty a Dino-themed shave is that they will look absolutely adorable and if you post the photo on your favorite social media platform you might gain some attention and notoriety for your adorable photo.

For a few breeds of cats, a professional shave by a professional cat groomer can feel really good for the cat, relieving them of matting and giving them what they need to cool off easier. However, this is not actually the case for most cats and if you haven't consulted your veterinarian about whether or not a stylish haircut is right for your cat then it's important you learn all about the potential consequences of shaving your cat.

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The reality is that for most cats shaving them, even in adorable dinosaur shaped patterns can lead to several health risks.

The first thing every cat owner needs to recognize is that cat fur is there for a reason. Well, several reasons, actually!

A cat's fur helps them regulate their body temperature. That means it helps keeps them warm when it's cold and it helps keep them cool when it's warm. Their fur also protects them from the sun and helps prevent sunburns. These are reasons why "hairless" cats need to sometimes wear clothes and need to be protected from the sun (hairless cats are hairless because of genetic defects, making them higher maintenance than the average cat.) Your cat needs their fur!

But that's not the only reason your kitty needs his fur.

Continuing on to discuss the importance of your cat's fur...

If you shave your kitty and expose their skin, it leaves them vulnerable to have tears in their skin much easier. Now, we're pretty sure that doesn't sound pleasant to you at all so trust us when we say your cat won't find it pleasant either. Tears in their skin can lead to injuries for cats because their skin is surprisingly sensitive. Not having their fur can also cause their delicate skin to become dry with patches of irritation and even worse: it's going to itch when it grows back. Your cat will try to deal with their itches themselves by scratching and licking relentlessly and since their skin is sensitive this can also lead to injuries. Excessive licking can even lead to fur not growing back at all for some cats and that's definitely not a good thing! All that licking and itching can also lead to abrasions and wounds on your cat's skin.

Does any of this sound worth an adorable haircut yet? We don't think so.

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So basically, giving your cat this seemingly adorable Dino-Cut is not going to benefit your cat in any way and it stands a better chance of hurting them more than anything and can lead to long-term consequences causing your cat emotional and physical grief. So, unless your cat's veterinarian advises you that a haircut is in your cat's best interests, it's best to leave this controversial trend in the dust.



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