16 Grisly Deaths and Horrifying Accidents at Disney Parks

by Elana

Last year Disney Parks and Resorts in Florida made worldwide headlines when a toddler boy was drug to his death by a massive alligator.  In general, people go on vacation to escape the troubles and worries of everyday life and since both Disney Land and Disney World are considered to be the most magical places on Earth, they are high on the destination list for most people worldwide. Some people spend half their lives saving up for an opportunity to go and live their dream of a Disney vacation. Unfortunately, it's not magical for everyone and the little boy last year was definitely not the first tragic and horrifying death to occur at a Disney park! There have been a plethora of horrifying accidents from death to assaults over the decades and this list is proof.


1. The first fatality

It was May of 1964 when the magic ended for the first time. 15 year-old Mark Maples was injured when a companion in the Matterhorn Bobsled unbuckled his restraints and he stood up. He died three days later.


2. 1984

In early January of 1984, Dolly Young was horrifically killed when she was thrown from her Matterhorn Bobsled car, and struck by the next oncoming bobsled. The investigation determined her seat belt was not buckled but it was never confirmed if it was done intentionally or a ride malfunction.

3. The Death of a Stuntman

47-Year old Mark Priest, a cast member playing the role of a pirate in the "Captain Jack's Pirate Tutorial" died in August of 2009. Before he died from complications of his head injury it was noted that he suffered a broken vertebra in his neck and severe lacerations on his head that required 55 stitches.


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