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Meet The Live Action Actors Cast To Play Our Favorite Disney Characters!

Meet The Live Action Actors Cast To Play Our Favorite Disney Characters!

When the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast stormed the world and captivated our hearts, minds, and imaginations we knew Disney had BIG things in store for their universe and fans everywhere and they are on an upward spiral hitting the nail on the head with live action adaptations finally having juicy details released. Aladdin has been a hot topic lately, mostly because Disney released statements that they were having a hard time casting the lead role but that chaos is over and a name has finally been announced! 

With live-action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King being announced we have a LOT to look forward to as Disney fans. 


1. Aladdin

Finally announced and ready to tackle the role of Aladdin is Mena Massoud!


A lot of names have been thrown around the last few days for the iconic roll but Mena has taken the coveted title and we couldn't be more excited! 


Mena Massoud is currently staring on the new Amazon exclusive series Jack Ryan and is also known for his roles in Open Heart and Saving Hope.

Recently he tweeted his excitement over taking on the Disney role.

Disney had pretty straight forward criteria when looking for the major role:

They wanted a man in his twenties who could act and sing and preferably of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. 

Some other major names being considered included Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel and The Night Of's Riz Ahmed but Mena will be a phenomenal fit for the part!

Casting this role was so important to get right for Disney that beginning production got pushed from July to August just trying to find the right character! 

So, who else are we looking at for the Aladdin live action movie? Let's take a look! 


2. Jasmine

Naomi Scott will take on our favorite tiger-loving Princess in the live-action adaptation!


You may know Naomi Scott most recently for her role as the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers and we couldn't be more excited to see what the actress has in store for her role as the Princess who just wants to be treated like a person, not a prize. 

⭐️Indian roots⭐️

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Naomi Scott is also known for her role as Maddy Scott in the TV Series Terra Nova.

Other actresses speculated to take the Princess role before Naomi nabbed it included Indian actress Tara Sutaria, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


3. Genie

One of Disney's most famous (and simply one of their best) characters is by far the Geenie and having been voiced by the iconic Robin Williams left huge shoes to be filled and surely none other than Will Smith himself could pull it off!


Will Smith mingles among Hollywood's elite as an actor, rapper and songwriter, as well as a producer and he's been in the game for decades. By far one of Hollywood's best actors, we couldn't imagine a better person to take on the roll of The Genie. 

via:Screenrant via:Rapbasement

Of course Aladdin isn't the only hot movie we have our eyes on right now. The Lion King buzz can't be ignored and reading the seriously ALL STAR cast lined up will definitely get you drooling for this movie. Don't believe us? Here's a quick rundown you definitely don't want to miss out on!


Donald Glover is set to play the Mighty King and we couldn't be more thrilled at the very thought. He's definitely got all the right skills!



The perfect casting for the Lioness role: Beyonce. The Queen herself!



Rumored to be taking on the meerkat role is Billy Eichner.



Seth Rogan is rumored to be set to play Disney's best pig! His expressive voice will be a solid, good fit.



Set to play Mufasa's most trusted adviser is John Oliver.


If Disney thinks of making any more live-action cinematics, they really need to consider these Hollywood actors and actresses.