This YouTuber Has Shown Just How Much Disney Recycles Old Footage In Their Classic Animated Movies And It's Shocking

by Kailee

We all love Disney movies. What we might be surprised to find out about these much-loved classics, though, is that Disney has been recycling their footage in its beloved animated classic movies - for years! A lot of the scenes in the films are actually from older Disney movies. The technique, known as rotoscoping, is primarily used to cut costs. It involves animators tracing over the old scenes to create new frames.

For example, 'Robin Hood' borrows from 'Snow White', while 'the AristoCats' borrows from '101 Dalmatians'. A video was recently released by YouTuber, Movie Munchies, highlighting a lot of the similarities between a number of the classic films. 

YouTuber Movie Munchies recently released videos highlighting just how much Disney recycles animation in their classic films.

Like the party scene in 'Snow White', which appeared later in 'Robin Hood'.

'Robin Hood' also borrowed quite heavily from 'The Jungle Book'.

And even 'The AristoCats'.

The technique is known as rotoscoping.

It involves animators tracing over their old frames in order to create anew.

It is used by animators primarily to cut costs in creating entirely new scenes.

While the revelation isn't entirely new, it is still incredible to watch the films side by side.

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