10+ Disney Themed Wedding Cakes Magical Enough To Make Your Dreams Come True

by Elana

How many of us have grown up wanting the fairy tale wedding only Disney dreams are made of? Many of us! In today's society, it's also not unheard of to make those dreams come true these days. Couples all over are using Disney to inspire their wedding designs and it's always breathtaking for everyone involved and Disney fans worldwide foam at the mouth for just a chance to glimpse at the beautiful weddings.

And what is a wedding without a wedding cake? The pinnacle of the day is watching the happy couple share a slice but before they cut it it's mandatory for the photographer to get a fabulous photo. The cakes we get to stare at today are some of the most magical Disney cakes we've ever seen! Whether you're just a Disney fan or planning a fairytale wedding of your own, you're bound to enjoy these delectable designs!

1. Mickey, Minnie, and Butter-cream Frosting

Who knew the House of Mouse's main couple could be so delicious looking?

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2. Happily Ever After

"Christmas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge" is the perfect wedding cake for combining a Winter Wonderland with a Disney theme.

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3. Everlasting Love

This "Up" themed cake is so perfect you could almost see Carl and Ellie slicing into it on their big day. It's the right cake if your adventure is out there!

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4. A little mischief...

If the wild calls to you like the mischievous characters of Lilo and Stitch then this might be the perfect wedding cake for you!

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5. Romantic Lanterns

Surely one of the most romantic scenes in modern Disney movies is from Tangled when Rapunzel and Eugene float along the water under a sky filled with lanterns. What more could one ask for when getting married than such a romantic scene to be inspired by? Not much!

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6. A long time ago...

In a galaxy far, far away... an artistic couple took R2D2 and used him to inspire the theme for their Star Wars wedding cake!

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7. Cinderella's Castle

Truly throughout the years with Disney, no building has ever been more romantic than Cinderella's castle.

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8. In the future!

Wall-E and Eve are characters many can relate to, so why not place them atop a gothic wedding cake?

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