Disturbing Video of United Airlines Dragging A Doctor Off Their Plane Will Boil Your Blood

by Elana

The Internet is in an uproar right now as a shocking video makes it way across the world detailing the unbelievable incident featuring United Airlines and an incident with a passenger of theirs. 

Flying is never all that great of an experience either way. Lines are long, tensions are high, and everyone just wants to reach their destination without any problems. Yet no matter how stressful this busy traveling time of year is, there is absolutely no excuse for the viral video shocking people everywhere right now. 

Recorded by other passengers aboard the United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, we see a doctor being pulled from his seat by multiple airport security personnel. Why? The flight was overbooked.  

Warning, this footage may be graphic for some viewers and difficult to watch. 

Source video provided by Tyler Bridges, Twitter

As videos and tweets poured in and went viral more details quickly leaked about the situation at hand and it's not hard to see why everyone is utterly furious! Keep reading for more details. 

In a statement given to WHAS11, United Airlines explained that the flight was overbooked and they asked for volunteers to leave the aircraft. 

Overbooking flights is certainly not an uncommon practice, however, the way this situation was handled was unprecedented. 

Fellow flyer and additional witness to the incident, Jayse Anspach, the passenger in the video was a doctor and he said he did not want to exit the flight because he had to get home. He refused to volunteer at the request of the Airlines, who were trying to seat personnel that needed to work the next day. 

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After the doctor refused to volunteer, he was informed the airlines would call the police if he did not give up his seat. 

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Jayse went on to describe exactly what happened when the police arrived to "deal with" the doctor who said no. 

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Of course despite the already shocking incident at hand, that wasn't the end!

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Then, Tyler Bridges records the Doctor's return to the plane. 

At this time we still don't know anything else about the continuously unfolding story and United Airlines has only released a simple statement:

Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked.

After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.

We apologize for the overbook situation.