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Crazy Realizations People Had After 'Dodging a Bullet'

Crazy Realizations People Had After 'Dodging a Bullet'

by Ayoub Mask

Life tends to give you a couple of warnings out of nowhere just to let you know that you're about to hit rock bottom, it helps you avoid a world of trouble and gives a second chance to do things the right way. We've all made some decisions without really thinking about them that much thanks to a gut feeling we've had, but sometimes that decision ends up being the best thing we've ever done and that kept us from ruining our lives forever.


1. IzarkKiaTarj

My ex-boyfriend told me he was sterile. I started insisting on condoms anyway, just in case. Eventually I broke up with him.

He currently has two kids with the girl he started dating after me.

2. godbullseye

I once took a girl online out to dinner at a nicer place in our town. She was horrible to the server and actually got us kicked out because she called the manager a cunt. After that we were walking out and she wanted me to go back to her place to "watch a movie" which I refused and went home.

Two months later I was reading the paper and saw her in the police blotter for assaulting her boyfriend with a golf club.

3. totallyria23

Back in the day (read: dial up internet and expensive desktops) I downloaded a malware which asked for credit card details. I was young and didn't have a card so contemplated nicking my dad's and putting in the details. I didn't want to get into trouble.

Thing was, the malware was asking for payment in roubles. At that time, I had no idea what that was (was it a different currency, some other adult speak?!) so I came clean to my parents and they sorted the rest. They also deleted my limewire.

4. ehortis

On a hike, fell off a 90' waterfall in front of my friends and several other hikers.

Unknown to them, and me, there was a tiny pool 15' below the edge that I landed in.

Crawled back up over the edge to my friends. I'll never forget their faces and reactions.

5. litefoot 

I just survived a heart attack on Thursday, so there's that. BTW I'm 33, way too young for this shit.

6. Judge_Bredd2

I was talking to this girl at a party and I was really into her. I have some obscure interests and she was the first attractive girl I'd ever met with the same interests. Well, my brother swooped in and charmed her way more than my awkward ass could hope to. I was pissed at first that he stole her, but got over it after she lied about birth control, got pregnant, and tried to convince him to marry her. The thing is, I'm a lot more "go with the flow" than my brother is. If I had knocked her up and she told me we needed to get married, there's a good chance I would've done it. Then I'd be stuck with a person who I've learned is an absolute shit show of crazy.

7. skull_xbones

I almost fell for an MLM scam disguised as a "secret business opportunity"

8. HorsinAround12

When I was about 23, I was asked on a date by a Brazilian girl who was maybe early 30s. We went on a date, but it wasn't the most interesting evening, we didn't really click and the language barrier meant we couldn't really get past basic conversation.

I was a little resistant to go on a second date and felt it was fair game to say "sorry I didn't think we clicked". Next time I saw her in person though I was berated with a bunch of insults hurled as she claimed we were supposed to get married and have kids and that I was "the one". Very glad I was able to back away slowly and dodge that bullet.

9. eStroons

I used to date this guy that was a little weird, but I was still totally into him because he was hot. We dated for about 9 months and then I broke it off. The entire time we dated he was super insistent that we get married, and that I bear his children (even though I was only 16 and he was only 18). I wanted to go to college and have a career so I always denied him. I also always supplied the rubbers when we had sex because I didn't really trust him that much.

5 years later I learn he got married to the woman he dated immediately after me because she got pregnant the first time they had sex. Rumor is that he sabotaged the condoms, but that's never been confirmed. They've had 2 kids, she dropped out of high school to raise them, and he works at the local gas station overnight to support them. Dodged that bullet.

10. fahouli

I miscarried. It was devastating at first because I was in love with him.. but it was definitely for the best. I would've had the first of his four kids with four different women, had all carried to term.

11. I_like_PnutButter

Don't know if it's a dodge a bullet moment but it felt like I did: Afghanistan a few years ago, having a smoke late at night with our local cultural advisor (LCA) and a bullet whistled right over our heads for my very first time. I looked at our LCA and asked him what the fuck that was and as he took another drag from his smoke, unfazed, he said with a thick Pashtun accent, "You fucking idiot, that was a bullet. You should sit down with me before you get your head shot off by the next round."

And well, what can I say, my LCA saved my life because as soon as I did sit my ass down on the Afghanistan dirt another bullet came whistling by.

Thank you Bilal!


12. fangedfluff

I once went on a date with this guy who used the entire conversation to try and figure out how much I would be missed.

The hairs on the back of my neck were tingling for the only time in my life as he asked me about every friend, family member, co-worker, roommate- how often I saw them, how long I would go between texting and calling.

Needless to say I suddenly had 5 overprotective older brothers who were PI's and cops.

13. bigjamg

Back in my raving days, in the early 2000's before it got trendy, I got deep into ecstasy use and subsequently became a small time dealer. Small time over the course of a few months rapidly became pretty big time. One night after re-upping (buying more ecstasy to sell) I went over to my buddies house to play counter strike until the early hours of the morning. On my way home I got pulled over.

I had 2,500 green triangle ecstasy pills in my trunk.

I pulled out my license and registration, laid it out on my lap before the cop came to my window and proceeded to be as polite as possible. The cop asked my why my eyes were red and asked if I smoked weed. I said absolutely not (I never liked weed, weird I know) and I told him we were playing counter strike for 8+ hours and that's probably why.

He ran my license (which was clean), came back to my car and said, okay drive safely and let me go. I left that scene shitting bricks.

Had He looked in my trunk, I would have been arrested and looking at a distribution felony and at least 12-25 years. Not to mention it would have destroyed my life.

I stopped dealing and raving after that.

Today I have a lovely wife, my own home, good health, thriving business, healthy toddler and another one on the way. Talk about bullet dodged. My life and the life of those I love would have been drastically different if it played out the other way. It should have. I am the lucky one.

I lose sleep often thinking about that.

14. PokemonPilots

Really crushed on this girl, she rejected me. About a year later she had a baby with a guy. Turned out she'd been poking holes in the condoms because she was obsessed with having a baby.

Unfortunately for many women in the workforce, they don't have a chance to dodge any bullets. Take a look at this guy who conducted a social experiment by using his female co-worker's name to sign off. It's unbelievable.