Wholesome Photos Of Doggos In the Sploot Position

by Elana

We're sure you've seen your doggo assume the sploot position. It gives doggo the optimal position for scratching their own belly and it gives them a great leg stretch. It's the perfect way to flaunt your pupper skills. If dogs were super models, the sploot would be the ultimate pose.

What's even better is that most of the time a dog is in the sploot position they are looking at you with the most adorable "I'm cute and you know it" look in their eyes. Dogs are so great.

2. Side Sploot

Better than side boob.

3. Spotted: Sunbathing Sploot

What's not to love?

4. Sitting Sploot

Because sometimes you want only half of your body to sit on the couch and that half needs to sploot.

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5. Behold: The Corgi

The mightiest of the sploot crew.

6. Look at this little noodle

His sploot is just too cute.

7. I present: The Littlest Sploot

So tiny, pupper. So tiny.

8. Contractually obligated:

I showed you the littlest sploot so now I need to show you the biggest sploot:

9. Sporty Sploot

Ready for FOOTBALL.

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10. Science confirms:

Freshly cut grass is the perfect place to sploot.

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11. If a model could sploot...

This pitty is so photogenic, isn't she?

12. Pugs go SPLOOT

Pugs were made to sploot.

13. Pitty Puppy Sploot

It's a cute sploot, don't deny it.

14. Fancy:

The cross-legged sploot. 10/10

15. Sploot while you spy

There's no better looking out the window position than the sploot.

16. The Fluffy Tail Sploot

Such a beautiful sploot.

17. Born to sploot

Have you ever seen a more adorable sploot? I think not.

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18. "Frog Sploot"

Now we're getting technical. Technically cute.

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19. Moonshine

This little corgi goes sploot, sploot, sploot.

20. The fashionista

No doggo is spared the sploot photo shoot.

21. Tuckered out sploot.

Sometimes a doggo just has to relax and sploot.

22. Toasted Sploot

Look at this double sploot, LOOK AT IT.

23. Perched on a sploot

There is no better place to sploot than the top of the staircase.