You're Bound To Relate To At Least One Of These Dogs Based On Their Style And Personality

by Elana

Someone got ridiculously creative taking the most adorable portraits of dogs dressed as humans and we really appreciate that. However, what we appreciate even more are the stereotypical personalities someone with a sense of humor added as captions to each unique photo. Why? 

Because we all know a Sharon with the "I'd like to speak to your manager" haircut and now we get to see what she would look like if she was a dog. Hello? That's hilarious. If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself! They're absolutely hysterical.

1. Erik

Erik eats kale and thinks he's better than you.

via: Imgur

2. Darlene

I bet her cookies are fabulous, though.

via: Imgur

3. Eric

He drinks his coffee black and his beer warm.

via: Imgur

4. Debbie

Her teenage son is a troublemaker but he's really bad at it.

via: Imgur

5. Brock

He's too cool for you.

via: Imgur

6. Sharon

Nobody likes Sharon, not even her husband.

via: Imgur

7. Barbara

She clutches her pearls if you say, "heck."

via: imgur

8. Phil

But he doesn't want to ruin his fanny pack/man purse things.

via: Imgur

9. Trevor

He's the ultimate hipster.

via: Imgur

10. Brooke

She's a real-life desperate housewife.

via: Imgur

11. Valerie

She's a hippie, love-child at heart.

via: Imgur

12. Greg

He says the word, "bro" a lot. A LOT.

via: Imgur

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