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15 Times Dogs Hilariously Ruled Twitter

15 Times Dogs Hilariously Ruled Twitter

Our beloved furry friends are a regular source of both companionship and amusement for us in our everyday lives. They get into mischief, have weird personality idiosyncrasies, and they do the funniest things at the most opportune moments. Modern technology and social media have made it easier than ever to share our favorite memories of our beloved pooches with any and all and the truth is: we can't get enough. We love seeing Twitter erupt with photos and videos of dogs being goofy (and maybe a little dumb sometimes.) 

These 15 dog owners really lucked out catching their puppers and doggos in the act and WE lucked out getting to share in their humor and joy. 


1. Socially acceptable

I bet this was the best day the Google employee has had in a long time. 

2. Packed with healthy fats.

We're paws-itive. 


3. Creativity at it's finest.

Hey as long as the end result is exactly what we need it to be. 


4. You look great, dawg.

We're all here barking for ya.

5. I don't know how or why, but...

Pugs are the best.

6. Mom is oblivious. 

Might be time to keep an eye on how many glasses of wine she enjoys daily. 

7. Shout the dog.

If it works, it ain't stupid.

8. Poor pupper.

He needs the Internet to rally around him and get him all the pets and belly rubs. 

9. Not all dog walks are created equal.

Also, if I were a dog, this is the kind of dog I would be. 

10. Confused Doggo!

Just freeze, that's a solid solution. 

11. Mom was... way off base.

Um, but thanks for thinking of us?

12. She's glowing.

She puts Beyonce's photos to shame. 

13. When your dog is your life...

You take these things seriously. 

14. When you can't do anything for yourself unless you do something for your dog, too.

They don't call them fur babies for nothin'. 

15. Does anyone else want to forgive this pug?

Or say, "it was me, I made the mess, leave the doggo alone. PLEASE!"