38 Memes For Anyone Who Knows A Drama Queen

by Mikayla

There's always one person in your friends' group that acts like the world is ending, all the damn time. If there's a reason for them to be dramatic they'll find it, and no matter how much you love them sometimes they need to give their drama queen crown a rest.

At least if they're a friend you can laugh at their "life problems" and tell them to cut it out, but the worst time to meet a drama queen is if it's someone you already dislike, or your stressed, or your just not in the mood for anyone to cry about first world problems. 

Here's a chance for you to laugh at people being dramatic without actually being a mean person because they'll never know. Settle in with these memes and prepare to laugh at Brenda from the dry cleaners down the street, because she's none the wiser!

No, definitely not dramatic at all.

Do you want a medal?

*Stubs toe* IM DYING!!!

I am not dramatic... Not even a little bit.

When apologizing just isn't an option

Uh, DUH!

Complain less, Be silent more.

When you claim to not like drama... until the moment it starts.

Now here are some wise words to follow


Yeah, I don't really care.

Now that's the way to go

Oh no, what are they going to do with themselves now?

Man, Debora really has some trust issues...

Nailed it!

The moment that you find yourself waiting for the drama..

When you raise you cat to be a drama queen

Is that police tape in your purse?

People who can't stumble into drama, tend to just create their own.

I couldn't have said this better myself:

You're so dramatic, you should have your own show

Uhh I'll take 15 year old rebelling against my parents by blocking them but not Grandma...

You should bring breadsticks.

This takes dramatic to the next level

Because it's always something..

Sorry,I meant that I hate when the drama includes me! Otherwise I'm 110% into it.


Please don't put it on Facebook.

If there was actually an award, I wonder who would win

Oh GIRL you wonder?

"I hate drama but OMG that Ashley is such a backstabber!"

People try to make things seem worse than they are

What ever happened to writing your problems down instead of posting them on the internet?

That makes me look like an angel!


Like when people post status's saying they're sad but won't tell anyone what's wrong... WHY BOTHER


There's room for only one drama queen.

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