Extremely Embarrassing T-Shirt Fails That Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

by Ayoub Mask

People will judge you according to what you're wearing, it's somewhat like a sneak peek of your personality, which is why people spend tons of money on clothes in order to look good. Most t-shirts don't really make any sense at all, it's usually just a combination of words and names of famous places, which drives people to seek something more meaningful, even if it means embarrassing yourself in front of everyone. Ironic t-shirts are just the best since you can clearly see that the text on the t-shirt doesn't necessarily apply to the person wearing it, but at least they tried to be funny so we'll give them an A+ for effort.

1. Awh that sounds like a fun hobby

A lot of people don't really deserve to be in college, and yes C O L L E G E, it's spelled with an e, not an a, so unless this girl spends her free time making collages, this t-shirt just shows how unqualified she is to be in college. It could be photoshopped, who knows, no one's this stupid.

2. No, you're just making yourself look ignorant

This girl is so confident in her appearance that she wants to make everyone else feel bad about their weight, she could've just enjoyed being skinny without having to rub it on people's faces. People are smart enough to make their own conclusions, being this superficial just proves how insecure she really is since she's always assuming that people are comparing themselves to her.

3. I'll be back in a sec

Have you ever wondered how you could get every creep in a party to approach you? This girl has figured out the perfect trick to make that happen really fast, she printed an open invitation on her own t-shirt because that's pretty much the only way you could do it. I feel bad for her friends because they will have to constantly be on the lookout for random creeps.

4. It's actually a trap, don't do it

She's probably going to regret buying that shirt if everyone attempts doing what the t-shirt says. A lot of people will surely want to unlock "it", I just hope they ask for permission first, unless they want to go to jail. It's a cool t-shirt but you have to get a new one since the iPhone "slide to unlock" thingy doesn't look like that anymore.

5. An open invitation

Imagine being this girl's boyfriend and seeing her wear that t-shirt right before going out to the club, that's gotta hurt, a lot. You can't put all the blame on her though, it seems like they have some kind of mutual agreement that might be working for the both of them, otherwise, things could easily go south moments after this picture was taken.

6. He can predict the future

When this guy woke up in the morning, he definitely didn't expect that his t-shirt would predict his fate. You can clearly see in the picture that he doesn't look amused by this little situation he found himself in at all, it's pretty ironic to get arrested while wearing a t-shirt that has "this really sucks" written on it, but this guy is so deep in trouble that he probably forgot what he was wearing.

7. Words to live by

It's already embarrassing enough to go to a Justin Bieber concert, but these guys decided to take it to a whole other level, they could've just went there and had a good time, but no, they wanted to let the whole world know that "real men" respect Bieber, which is a pretty ironic and confusing sentence. I bet they were screaming harder than all the 12 yo girls there.

8. How cruel of him

It's already sad enough that a mouse had to die, and displaying it on a t-shirt for the whole world to see is just cruel. This guy is obviously a fan of Deadmau5, but Minnie Mouse doesn't seem to be approving of his t-shirt since it reminds her of the death of one of her fallen brothers.

9. I guess it wasn't a good idea after all

This guy can predict the future but he's constantly trying to change the course of history, which is why he found himself in this situation. I wonder if he made that t-shirt just to perform this stunt and only wore it after it miserably failed. Nevertheless, the irony in this picture is still pretty hilarious.

10. Are you sure about that

Calling yourself a chick magnet is the second douchiest thing anyone could ever do, and printing it on a t-shirt is the absolute douchiest thing anyone could ever do, which makes this guy the ultimate douchebag. The girl next to him looks so traumatized, maybe he's holding her hostage just so he can take that picture.

11. Thank god, they were all so worried

I'm pretty sure this guy is just joking around and doesn't actually believe that he's that popular with the ladies. I wouldn't consider this one as a fail because it's actually quite funny and would totally put a smile on some people's faces after seeing this guy walking around. But I guess it depends on how each person would interpret it.

12. He's crossing his fingers

This guy is desperately hoping that someone would get drunk enough to want him, but I'm pretty sure it could happen sooner than that if he happens to land on a girl with a good sense of humor, it's a pretty funny joke. Otherwise, he will just have to wait longer and maybe it will eventually happen to him, you never know.

13. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near her...

This girl is doing everyone a favor by announcing that she could fart at any moment, it also could be beneficial for her because everyone would give her as much personal space as possible. Maybe she even did it on purpose so everyone would leave her alone, but I don't think it's worth it because now everyone on the internet knows who she is and what she does.

14. They even included the accent

I'm not sure if this is a spelling mistake or just "Clap Your Hands" with an accent because it could potentially be a racist t-shirt that this guy wore ironically. The small text on the bottom is still accurate because, in both scenarios, a lot of noises will be made. I'm sorry I even had to mention that haha

15. How to break every girl's heart

Most people don't handle rejection that well, which is why this guy was nice enough to let everyone know that he only dates models, so if you don't happen to be a model, save yourself the embarrassment and don't try to talk to this stud. Now only models will approach him, and no feelings will be hurt.

16. Honesty is the best policy

The world is a dangerous place but it doesn't seem to be scaring this guy, he knows that he does dumb things so he's letting everyone know so they don't get caught up in his dumb activities, it's like a human repellant unless you also enjoy doing dumb stuff. In case you didn't trust the fact that he does "dumb things", just look at his hand.

17. Think more. Stupid Less

"THINK LESS. STUPID MORE." is pretty much life in a nutshell, it's not as grammatically sophisticated as what you're used to reading, but it still has a deep meaning. People should stop using Google Translate to make their t-shirts, it's just embarrassing to walk around with a grammatical error or a typo on your t-shirt.

18. That's obviously Latin America

The internet is free, it will literally take you a split second to look up Asia on the internet and know that it doesn't look like the picture you have over there, but since this person is so lazy, at least several thousands of people will be walking around in that dumb t-shirt. To be honest, anyone who wears this is definitely dumber than the person who made it.

19. This is kind of creepy

This t-shirt is so random and weird that it creeps me out, it has such a scary vibe to it. If serial killers had a uniform they would totally be rocking this weird t-shirt, just to confuse their victims and let them know that their end is near. Imagine being this obsessed with hamburgers, this is wrong on so many levels.

20. *Sends this to my GF just to be sure*

Grandpa is such a lady killer that he managed to steal all of our girlfriends. He didn't even stop there, he also wears their t-shirts when he's done with them just so he can rub it in our faces. Now he's just walking around town to piss off as many boyfriends as possible, he's the reason why so many relationships failed.

21. He's having a midlife crisis

Middle-aged men shouldn't be wearing these kinds of t-shirts, as a matter of fact, no one should ever be allowed to wear this abomination of a t-shirt. This guy is probably having a midlife crisis and that's his way of dealing with it. But at least he looks happy, so who are we to judge him, even though his t-shirt is making all of our eyes burn.

22. Yeah that looks totally safe

Safety is kind of relative, it depends on how many horrible things you went through in life. For example, if you grew up in a really bad environment you probably might consider a lot of things safe, but another person who grew up in a good environment will consider the same things extremely dangerous. Anyways, this guy's t-shirt is pretty ironic, but at least he's letting everyone know that safety is important.

23. He totally looks like he pees in pools

I can honestly tell that this guy pees in pools, he just has an "I pee in pools" face, but at least he has one good quality that we know of, he's honest, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good thing in this scenario because I wouldn't want to know if someone peed in the pool or not, I just always assume that no one does.

24. Shame on all of you

The world is so unfair, almost every douchebag in this world has a girlfriend but this young, attractive and muscular stud is still a bachelor, can you believe it? It's like every girl in his area is either blind or has bad taste or both. They don't deserve him anyways, he's an independent and successful man who don't need no woman.

25. Let it out buddy

This t-shirt could have two meanings, the first meaning is that this guy works at a gas station or owns a gas company and is letting us all know that he indeed has gas, the second meaning is the one we're all afraid of, we all know what it is so I don't even have to explicitly mention it.

26. They see me rollin' they hatin'

This old playa is letting all the haters know that he's well aware of their existence and that he's so chill about having haters that he's even saying hi to them. It's nothing personal, you can't make the haters love you, so the least you can do is say hi to them. Life is short, and haters will always hate.

27. In a parallel universe

One of them has long hair, so they must be Nirvana. I feel like someone out there is wearing this and claiming to be a hardcore fan of Nirvana after listening once to "Smells Like Teen Spirit". This honest mistake will help uncover so many fake Nirvana fans in the world, thank you China for this great gift to humanity.

28. Apparently it's not fun and games anymore

Here's what happens when life imitates art, once again this guy was unlucky enough to reenact the exact scenario in his t-shirt, except that in his case, it's not a joke at all. He looks so deeply disappointed that he doesn't even feel the irony of the situation. Have some sense of humor man, it's not like you can undo whatever you've done.

29. The only useful t-shirts in this entire gallery

This isn't even a fail, it's like a return address, Rita was smart enough to find the perfect solution to her problem. Now everyone will know where to return her husband if they ever happen to find him strolling around, scared and clueless. Way to go Rita! You deserve some credit for your clever invention.

via: Routinejournal

30. Truer words were never spoken

You don't see a lot of fat people getting kidnapped, don't you? That's because they're immune to it, no one is crazy enough to attempt doing it, it's just not worth the trouble or effort, even as a challenge it wouldn't be that fulfilling. That's one of the many advantages of being fat, so it's not all bad, you have to always look at the bright side.

via: Routinejournal

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