Memes That Prove That English Has Got To Be One Of The Hardest Second Languages To Master

by Angie

English is so weird. 

We've got way too many words that sound exactly the same but mean completely different things. We've got way too many words that are spelled exactly the same but are pronounced differently AND mean completely different things. We've got idioms for days, that have to be impossible to make sense of if English is not your native language. We can change the meaning of a sentence just by the tone or inflection of our voice.

In this article, we have gathered together a collection of posts that prove just how weird English is. Whether you are a native speaker or English is your second language, the posts below have enough confusion and weirdness to unify us all.  

Equality for all prepositions

Seriously, the best analogy.

That's a very valid point.

Why haven't I ever realized this?!

So what does One Direction sound like then?

Or one person with seven personalities?

Is this a test?

So Ancient Germanic language is the blame then.

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