Everything You Need to Know to Recover Your Old MySpace Photos

by Elana

Today it may seem hard to believe there was a quintessential social media platform before Facebook but there are millions of adults today who remember MySpace like it was yesterday. Chances are if you're reading this then you're one of those individuals.

It's not hard to see why so many of you are curious today. At its peak of use way back in 2008, MySpace boasted an impressive 75.9 million unique daily users. Users were able to post playlists of music, blog entries, and well, some pretty impressive asymmetrical haircuts in a pretty impressive wide variety of colors.

In the nine years since MySpace reached its peak of popularity time hasn't been so generous to the website. It' gone through some impressive changes over the years including passing through hands as the site was sold and today while it continues to exist and push forward it's not-so-user-friendly interface and confusing features have made it more of a historical storage facility for those of us who were incredibly active 10 years ago.

You know what that means right? It means that all of those beloved photos of your younger years are still alive and well for you to regain ownership of... or delete off the face of the Earth. It depends on how you feel about those years. So, if you've been wanting to relive or just look back on those fond (or not so fond) memories then we're here to help you with a step-by-step process on how to recover all of your golden memories.

How to Quickly Recover Your Old MySpace Photos:

1. The obvious first step is to recover your password. Let's face it, it's been around 9 years since you've logged in so the chances that you remember the password are slim to none. (Kudos to you if you do remember it, though, that's an impressive memory you've got there.)

via: MySpace

First head on over to MySpace.com/ForgotPassword
Hopefully you still have access to the e-mail address you used because they're going to email you instructions and they're going to e-mail the e-mail address you used way back then. Then you're going to create a new password for your MySpace account! Now, if you're planning on never revisiting your old MySpace account again then we highly recommend you choose a password you don't and won't use elsewhere because in this hacker-friendly world you'll want to be prepared for the possibility that MySpace could be hacked someday and user information leaked to the public. That password you use there to recover your photos would not be a password you'd want to use elsewhere so definitely keep it unique and not-so-memorable.

Time for Step 2!

Recovering your old MySpace photos Step 2: "Go To Mixes."

Lucky you, learning this next step is also a brief lesson in web design. As previously mentioned, MySpace's current format is not user-friendly so navigating through it is literally a nightmare. I mean, it's difficult to get where you need and want to go when nothing is where it's supposed to be!

Don't believe me? Take a look at this list, for example, and take a wild guess where you would THINK your photos would be?

via: MySpace

I, for one, would have assumed Uploads. I'm not alone, this is a logical assumption as to where you might find your photos. Yet MySpace loves their illogical design and scoffs at your logical thought process and has placed your photos under "Mixes." I mean, what? MySpace decided to stick all of your beloved photos in with your musical playlists. I mean literally every one you ever made all mixed in with all of your photos. What were these designers thinking?

Well, at least you know here and now where to find your photos. Mixes.

Step 3: My Photos and Beyond

The first thing you'll notice when you access Mixes is that there are two places to find photos: “Classic – My Photos” and “Classic – My Stream Photos.” It would be logical and understandable of you to assume that these folders possess all of your MySpace history but look again. Here's an image for clarification:

via: MySpace

Here you can see 2 bonus albums, “ProfileMix” and “CoverMix?” These folders are almost sure to include some otherwise easy-to-miss gem of photos found in your Profile Photos and Cover Photos. Facebook makes that pretty easy to navigate through but MySpace is not so clear so we want to make sure you don't miss out on these images!

There you have it, the simple 3 step process to recover all of your potentially hilarious MySpace photos! I'm going to guess some major changes will be immediately noticeable to you, namely how you do your hair and make up, but I'm sure there's some other amusing stories behind the photos you're about to unleash back on the people in your life.

Plus, these are definitely the type of photos your kids are going to want to see so definitely grab 'em while you can!