New Research Says You Will Live Longer Smelling Your Significant Other's Farts

by Alexandra

When you first begin dating someone new, the dreaded fear of accidentally letting a toot out is a pretty common one. You will hold it in until you're blue in the face to try and save yourself the potential humiliation. 

However, after awhile, the fear of embarrassment fades and your gas becomes a normal part of the relationship. So much so that you'll wonder why you ever cared if he caught you mid-flatulence in the first place. While the first toot is typically a sign of a relationship hitting the comfort zone, it also could help you live longer! A new research project at the Univesity of Exeter found that being subjected to your partner's gas could have a few benefits to your health.

What. The. Heck 

You may be wondering how any of this is possible. Well, it has to do with hydrogen sulfide which happens to be the main cause of the foul smell of gas. Even though its smell is unpleasant as well as upsetting, hydrogen sulfide is not harmless in the least bit. However, if one were to consume a large amount of the gas, it could prove to be harmful. 

You know what they say

Whoever smelt it dealt it.

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Holding it in isn't good for your health

Or your partner's, apparently

The new study, which was published in the Journal of Medical Chemistry Communications, took a look at the impact of flatulence on humans and their overall health. The researchers found that when cells were exposed to hydrogen sulfide in small amounts, it can prevent future damage to their mitochondria. Mitochondrial damage can have a plethora of potential and risky health problems. 

Are the health benefits worth the smell

We aren't sure we want to know

One of the researchers, Mark Wood, made this comment about the findings, "Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could, in fact, be a healthcare hero."

Our noses are dreading this already

But hey, whatever helps our health right?

Listen, we know farting in public isn't going to make you the most popular guy in the room. I mean, how many people fess up when they let one slip in the company of others? However, your partner should really extend his or her gratitude if you let one go while in their presence. 

You're welcome, babe. 

Show your partner some tooting love tonight

They'll eventually be glad you did

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