This Father Of Two Almost Died All Because He Bit His Fingernails

by Kailee

A dad-of-two is lucky to be alive after biting his fingernails - a common habit that can end up being deadly. Luke Hanoman began to feel unwell shortly after biting the skin on the side of his nail - little did he know he had contracted sepsis. For a week he displayed flu-like symptoms, but meanwhile, the infection was traveling through his bloodstream.

Hanoman was eventually rushed to the hospital where he spent four days under 24-hour intensive care. The doctors told him that he was "lucky to be alive".

Now Hanoman is fit and healthy, and he wants to spread the awareness. He says, "I used to bite my nails all the time. It was a nervous thing. I was at work throughout the week and started to get flu-like symptoms, which were gradually getting worse. I had cold sweats, I was shaking, and then going hot. And then my finger started swelling up, and I had this unbearable throbbing."

Luke’s quick-thinking mom called the National Health Service helpline, 111, and told the operator about his symptoms. “They told me I had 24 hours to get to [the emergency room],” Hanoman recalled.

Luke Hanoman, pictured, is lucky to be alive after contracting sepsis from biting his fingernails.

via: Luke Hanoman

Experiencing flu-like symptoms, the disease travelled through his bloodstream and Hanoman gradually got worse through the week.

via: Luke Hanoman

Luckily for Hanoman, his mum came to check on him, and called the National Health Service Helpline. Hanoman was told he had 24 hours to get to the hospital.

The doctors told Hanoman, he is lucky to be alive.

via: The Hearty Soul

Shamir Patel, pictured, is the founder and pharmacist at, where Hanoman works as a warehouse operator. He says, "It’s really important for us to try and raise awareness of an illness that kills so many people, yet still lacks public awareness.

Patel says, “stories like Luke’s highlight how sepsis is a condition that can strike anyone at any age. If someone has an infection and something doesn’t feel quite right and if they feel more unwell than they have ever felt before, be prepared, it could be sepsis.”

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