Hilarious Memes About Being Fed Up With Being An Adult

by Ayoub Mask

Every kid's dream is to become an adult as fast as possible, and every adult's dream is to get to experience being a kid over again even for just one day. The amount of responsibility an adult has to carry on their back is usually ridiculous and exhausting, which is why being a kid is so much easier and pretty much the most peaceful period of your life. 

People usually don't talk about this subject that much because doing adult things is considered a norm, so complaining about it feels a little bit ridiculous, which is why you can laugh at these hilarious memes and low key complain about being an adult at the same time.

What have I done

And you should keep smiling while you're on fire

It's a much more fun alternative

Pretty much

When you're not that efficient at being an adult

Alcohol is a much easier fix

Summers die with your childhood

Living the life

I'm canceling everything, bye

That's exactly what adulthood is like

The ride there is fun, but the destination is the worst

I totally am an adult

I need some supervision

It's that hard

Just don't

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