These Fish Have Teeth And People Are Losing Their Minds

by Matt

Social media is blowing up over fish that have teeth - like something out of a Jaws film.

It's about as scary as Jaws, although the fish are called Sheepshead. Kinda cute, right? In May, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources uploaded a photo of one asking users to guess what the identity of the creature.

The fish grow teeth from a young age and on average weigh around 21lbs. Facebook users ditched the scientific analysis and instead let loose on the fish.

One user, David Palmer, said "Amazing!!! That fish isnt able to brush or floss and has better teeth then 75% of the people in my town!!!"

Another said "Looks like my husbands [sic] ex wife."

These little nasties can do some serious damage if you're not careful.

When asked to guess the type of fish, one witty Facebook user said "I don't know but it looks like it stole someone's dentures".

The Sheephead fish are most common in America's Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

via: Ytimg

There goes all your bait...good luck catching a Sheephead fish.

via: Ytimg

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