A Freak Cold Front In Florida Is Making It Rain Frozen Lizards From The Sky

by Elana

What the heck is going on with the weather right now? If you've been paying attention chances are that no matter where in the country you live you've experienced some bizarre weather. The bitter cold that makes normal cold look like child's play in the Midwest is nothing compared to the northeast coast... 

Videos of storm footage from the northeast coast of the US has people concerned the world is ending, and considering the actual term being used to describe the utter chaos and cold hitting up there is a "bomb cyclone," you can only really imagine just how bad it is.

But I'll tell you: It's bad. It's not just the typical snow and ice, it's violent, swirling winds, of ice and bone-chilling cold.

1. Holy Smokes

This video footage of the "bomb cyclone" hitting Massachusetts will take your breath away.

And the bomb cyclone is no joke. Like a hurricane but with ice, the epic storms are affecting the entire east coast. The hazardous conditions have left tens of thousands of citizens without electricity (and at a time when they need it desperately,) and blizzards are effectively canceling life. No school, minimal work, dangerous roads.

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But seriously, we're not exaggerating when we compare this intense weather to a hurricane. The winds in New York are so extreme that the underground subway stops were filling with snow!

Brooklyn Councilman Justin Brannan

In fact, the entire north half of the country is waist deep in snow and ice and ice-water-snow chaos.

In Boston, first responders used rubber rescue boats to help people who were trapped by the icy sea waters.

While the weather is absolute chaos, life goes on. People continue to brave the storms to get to and from work, buy groceries, and just... survive.

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But what we tend to forget is how these freak storms that disrupt our lives also disrupt other natural balances, like the local wildlife and the local animals. The impact of unusual ice and snow storms has been astronomical to all sorts of biological life.

When frozen sharks are literally washing up as popsicles on the shores of Massachusetts beaches, it's hard to imagine why people are still arguing and debating over the impact of climate change. But then again, President Donald Trump seems to miss the point entirely and continues to furiously tweet about the global warming hoax.

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