Memes About The Friend Zone That All Girls Can Cringe And Relate To

by Mikayla

As most people now men are dealing with girls they like "friend-zoning" them. Well, there's the good news for you men out there, the "friend zone" isn't a thing. 

In fact, girls hate the idea just as much as you do because odds are when you're repeatedly flirting with a girl attempting to drag your sorry self out of the friend zone the last thing she wants is for you to be in her friend zone in the first place. So this one's for the girls out there who unfortunately have far more friends than they want, or are aware of. 

Damn Right!

Strange how this works...


I'll take one ticket to the friend Zone thanks!

Sorry, I don't feel guilt.


"I never knew friendzoning boys was as easy as saying thanks im gonna use my manners more."

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It's a no from me.

Look at the bright side! At least you're not in the alone zone...

Funny dog

This is a funny dog

 Funny dog
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