Hilarious Tweets That Show that Dads Are Just As Deep In The Trenches Of Parenthood As Moms

by Angie

There are so many Twitter lists about how moms have it hard, but where are our dads at?! 

Thankfully our beloved Twitterverse has plenty of dad anecdotes, jokes, and puns to keep us entertained for a while. Dad goes through the same things Mom does, and in some cases, he is the only parent in the picture. So let's hear it for the dedicated dads, the single dads, the dads who sacrifice it all for their kids. 

You guys deserve a stiff drink (or a nice Ben & Jerry's pint!) at the end of the day just like we do. Cheers!

"My chainsaw just freaked out!"

Just don't step on the rhino!


How does that even work!?

It will all resolve itself soon anyways


And the iPad is housed in a Otterbox...

Tomorrow likely won't be either

via: @weiphi

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