Artist Illustrates All Of The Funny Things He Overhears People Say, And It's The Most Hilarious Thing You'll See Today

by Ayoub Mask

The idea that gave birth to the project “#ThingsThatiHear” initially came to this artist while he was visiting an L.A cookware store:

"A young woman was looking at her phone and gave a big sigh, turned to her friend decisively and exclaimed, “He wants to go to Bali. But I say Fiji!” I couldn’t help but laugh. The absurdity of this “first world problem” was too much. From that moment on I started to catch all sorts of real-life conversations, that eventually turned into these illustrations." Said the artist.

The world of “#ThingsThatiHear” is consisted of a bunch of characters we're all very familiar with: Our co-workers who are constantly complaining about "the daily grind". The terrible online dates we've been to and are desperately trying to erase from our memories. The cyberstalkers who are constantly and silently stalking us on Social Media. To put it in a nutshell, they're basically every single one of us whenever we forget that other people are around and that they can hear what we're blubbering about.

Truer words have never been spoken!

He's just as confused as us

Let me be miserable in peace

Ouuh, that's harsh

Get your sh*t together man

That was a wild ride

Sometimes the comments are just too much to handle

Wait, do people actually say that

We've all been there

Words to live by

There is no in-between pretty much

And now she's looking for a new therapist

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