Meet The Woman Who Accidently Got Pregnant Just Weeks After She Gave Birth To Her First Baby

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Becoming pregnant is every woman's dream after she get's married to the man of her dreams. It is the most fulfilling life experience that you can have, whether you are having the worst pregnancy or the best one as soon as the little one shows their head the terror begins of giving birth.

It is excruciating and life-changing in the same breath but after your torment is done you have a little mini-me to take care of and they are going to make sure you have your hands full until they are all grown up.

Now imagine giving birth to your first little sunshine and six weeks after you fall pregnant again with twins? Yeah, that is not for me, I would not make it! But Eliza Curby a 28-year-old mother of one had this exact experience and she dealt with it rather well I would say. 

Eliza fell pregnant with twins six weeks after she gave birth to her firstborn Charlie. This was a huge shock for her and her husband as she was still getting used to having to take care of a baby and now she was pregnant with twins and believe me 9 months can be very short! She gave birth to the twins when Charlie was nearly one-year-old on Christmas Eve in 2016.

She couldn't believe that she could get pregnant so close to giving birth, " I didn't even think about contraception," she said. Well, now we all know you can so don't go doing the deed without the magic little pill.

Eliza told Daily Mail Australia, "For the first six months, I don't remember much, I was running on empty," but things got better, "But with the one year anniversary coming up, I can finally feel like I've nearly got this." She is definitely one amazing woman to be able to raise three little rascals and try to maintain her sanity. Luckily she has a supportive husband who helped her through everything.

"There is so much I've learned over the past year. The main thing would be to relax my 'pre-baby' standards I set for myself - like having a clean house or the washing done."

A new meaning to “You have your hands full” The weapon at his finest 💥

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Her first year went by fairly fast she says, because she didn't expect to have three children so close to each other, she wanted the few years gap that most women want just to be able to breathe and control everything. She had a great support system of friends and family who helped her and she now truly understands the meaning of needing a village to raise a kid. 

"It really does," she said. "I owe my sanity to my partner, the grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends."

Even with all the challenges of raising three little ones at the same time, especially transporting them around, she feels rewarded and whole. "Watching the three interact with each other and being able to observe the bond forming, building up slowly as the twins begin to 'get it'. They love each other and I can see it."

But will she have more kids? "We don't plan on more babies for the future, I had always imagined having four, so I'm not opposed to the idea."

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