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Giant Yet Adorable Dog Breeds You're Going to Love

Giant Yet Adorable Dog Breeds You're Going to Love

Dog lovers love dogs but some dog lovers have a type. Growing up, my family rescued medium and large breed dogs (especially boxers,) but when the time came for adulthood the first dog I ever brought home was a pug. They're considered a toy breed (but I swear on my life they're amazing dogs.) Later, I went back to the big dog lifestyle and I have zero regrets.

If like myself, you fancy yourself a dog that is large and in charge, then you've come to the right place. Of course, if you don't love large dogs, then glancing through these 18 breeds is liable to completely change your mind. They are just too fantastic not to fall in love with at first sight. 


1. Komondor

We're not sure if this breed is more famous for its size or its hairstyle but either way, it's one super cool and unique dog breed.


2. Landseer

Not to be confused with the Newfoundland, the Landseer dog is large and impressive. We can't look away.


3. Spanish Mastiff

A large dog with a rather distinct jowl, the Spanish Mastiff can grow a nice chunk over 200lbs easily. Now that's what I call a big dog.


4. Boerboel

Also known as the South African Mastiff, this large dog is too cute for words.


5. Newfoundland

Yes, the person is necessary for proper perspective. That's a big dog!


6. Kuvasz

This ancient Hungarian-based breed of dog can definitely get up there in size. Just look at this beauty! They're also about as fluffy as they are big, so, there's that.


7. French Mastiff

This particularly large dog became a famous breed in the movie "Turner and Hooch" and they appear to be capable of drooling their body weight.


8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Luscious coats, large and in charge, what's not to love?


9. Irish Wolfhound

These tall, slender dogs are also sometimes called Giant Wolfhounds and the Internet is ripe with pictures of them standing on their hind legs, taller than their human masters.

via:Dog Breeders

10. Samoyed

There's no way a dog this gorgeous won't sail its way into your heart.

via:Dog WP

11. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This large snuggly dog is very appealing on the eyes and great for families!


12. Scottish Deerhound

Don't let the hair and innocent look deceive you, these dogs can get up to a decent size! Plus, they're so cute.


13. Neapolitan Mastiff

"Do these rolls make my butt look big? Good." This dog is seriously large and seriously adorable.

via:Pet Attack

14. Dalmatian

People don't always think of Dalmatians when they think of big dogs but this breed can definitely get large! They're also fiercely loyal and insanely active.


15. Tibetan Mastiff

All snuggles and fluff, at least they look that way!


16. Great Dane

Surely you knew this famously large dog would be on this list! Even better than their enormous (literally) size? Their personality and complete unawareness of how large they are. Danes are well known for thinking they are lap dogs. We love them.


17. Giant Schnauzer

The only dog better than a Schnauzer is a Giant Schnauzer.


18. Bully Kutta AKA Pakistani Mastiff

You knew there would be a ton of mastiff breeds on this list, right? The final dog to make the cut is the Pakistani Mastiff. It is a great guard dog and has been used to herd sheep flocks. It is very protective in nature.

via:Pet Your Dog

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