This Guy Revealed Just How Much Google and Facebook Know About Us And We're In Complete Shock

by Kailee

While most of us at some stage may have had our suspicions about the big companies such as Facebook and Google collecting out data and using our information, what we didn't realize was that it goes so much deeper than just using it for advertising purposes

Irish IT expert Dylan Curran recently began a Twitter thread, which has now gone viral, with many users now extremely worried about the extent to which Facebook and Google really are spying on us. The data collected is stored into archives, and it ranges from sent and received messages, login and usage locations, and even non-Facebook-related text and phone conversations. Google goes even further - they keep track of nearly any single thing you can think of, and continues to store it even AFTER you have deleted it.

So while these things are provided 'free of charge', are they really worth the potential price that we are paying?

Dylan Curran, pictured, has recently become a 'whistleblower', blowing the lid on the extent that Google and Facebook access and use our data.

Curran has exposed just how scary it is that these companies collect all of our data.

For example, Google stores all of your locations every time your phone is turned on.

Google also stores all of your search history, and every single piece of information on every app and extension you use.

Even all of your YouTube history is stored.

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