10+ Grandmas With Attitude That Stings

by Elana

Grandmas have had a notorious reputation for being the sweetest part of life for probably as far back as you can remember. Cookies, candy, cuddles, and no bedtimes! That's what Grandmas were made for, right? So what happens when Grandma is full of fire and spunk? Well, you need ointment for her burns, of course, because they sting. She's got a few decades more of biting insults than you'll ever have and quite frankly, it's hilarious.

Step back, folks, these grannies aren't crocheting you new mittens and socks, they're probably taking swigs of Jack Daniels and riding motorcycles into the sunrise.

1. Grandma knows her shades.

And how to throw shade, too.

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2. Not her pride and joy!

Every family has a child like this, to be fair.

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3. Grandma doesn't have faith in you.

You must be a loser if your Grandma thinks you're never getting laid, bro.

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4. You're girlfriend material, not wife material.

Grandma, out.

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5. Baby, you were born this way.

Grandma just knew you weren't a ladies man.

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6. This burn sizzles.

I guess Grandma doesn't approve of your scandalous lifestyle.

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7. At least you're useful!

Or your really ugly picture from kindergarten.

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8. Grandma didn't pick your name...

Is this meaner to you or your mom, Natalie?

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9. How hard is it to make Grandma proud?

When I was a kid a colorful picture was enough. Grandmas these days are fierce.

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10. Unimpressed Grandma

Play better, kid.

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11. Grandma likes to body shame.

She hit hard with this one.

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12. The cigarette is the best part of this insult.

Not all grandmas are created equal.

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