Apple Has Just Announced That Group FaceTime Would Be Available For Up To 32 People And Twitter's Response Is Hilarious

by Kailee

It's no secret that for a long time users have been asking (demanding, rather) for a group option on FaceTime, Apple's video calling feature. And just this week our prayers have been answered, with Apple announcing that we can finally FaceTime multiple people at the exact same time. But wait, there's more! You can now FaceTime up to 32 people at once. That seems like a lot of people considering I only ever FaceTime 2 people. But each to their own.

Upon hearing this announcement, Twitter got to talking, and the buzz generated was HUGE. Group FaceTime is expected to function with a moving tile display of faces connected to the call, and when someone starts talking, their face will float to the forefront of the screen. Along the bottom will feature a scrolling bar of the users also on the chat, and you can choose who you want to see. Naturally, the twitter-sphere exploded.

In breaking news, Apple has announced Group FaceTime, a feature that users have been crying out for.

It will feature not 3, not 4, not even 10 callers at once. Try 32 people in ONE live video chat.

Naturally, the people of Twitter had something to say about this development.

Who even knows 32 people, let alone has 32 friends that they would FaceTime with!?

Much of Twitter agreed with that sentiment.

Everybody was excited for the feature.

Though in natural Twitter style, most made jokes about the new development.

And they were hilarious.

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