We Could All Learn A Lesson From These Guinea Pigs Who Love To Cuddle Their Pitbull Sister

by Elana

We all know that pit bulls have acquired a bad rap sheet for being some sort of vicious attack dog but that hasn't stopped the vast majority of us from acknowledging the breed has a long-standing history of being a loving, compassionate, companion animal and we continue to see examples of just how adorable and sweet the breed can be thanks to the Internet. We've even seen pit bulls break into the police force with enthusiasm!

But that's not all, now we are seeing that pit bulls are not only endearing companions to humans and phenomenal partners to the police force, but they know no boundaries in cuddling and loving other species either! Such as the case for one seriously adorable San Francisco family featuring fluffy guinea pigs and one precious pit!


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Meet Moki

Moki, like many pit bulls before her, is a rescue dog! But what makes her special is the unique bond she has with her guinea pig family members.
Meet Moki

Moki and friends!

Moki has not hesitated to love her guinea pig sisters even in the slightest. She doesn't mind taking orders from them and she definitely doesn't mind nap time! Her fluffy bean-bag friends are the perfect cuddle buddies for the pup!
Moki and friends!
This is so precious. Kristy Gamayo had never even owned guinea pigs before Frida and Pandora came into he life. She spent months researching the curious, little animal online and when the time was right, they became a new family.
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But at the time, Kristy and her then-partner knew they were still seeking another companion pet and their family was not yet complete. The couple decided to visit the San Francisco Animal Care and Control to seek the perfect dog and that's where they stumbled onto Moki.

Gamayo recently spoke with The Dodo and said:

In the very last kennel, we saw a brindle pit bull dog who was sitting quietly on her cot. [She] didn't run or bark at us, and was looking at us with her sad, innocent eyes, so we asked to see her. Moki was 5 months old at the time and she was very friendly and playful — we knew we had to adopt her.

She hoped that the pit bull pup would get along with her guinea pigs but she definitely did not expect what happened when they met.
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She said:

Moki was really gentle with them from the beginning and the piggies were very curious about Moki. The piggies would crawl up to Moki and smell her and Moki would lick them and lay with them. To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together and Moki likes to give them kisses.

Originally, Kristy was encouraged to keep Moki away from the guinea pigs but over the last 3 years the affection between the species has only grown.

Kristy says:

The piggies don't mind the kisses and have never tried to bite Moki. Frida and Pandora will sniff Moki and never try to run away. When Moki brings them her Nylabone or toys, they will sniff them and sometimes try to nibble on them.

Kristy has also said that when she first introduced the dog and the guinea pigs, she kept the little ones in her lap and introduced them in a safe environment.

Kristy spoke with Daily Mail and said:

When we brought Moki home, we immediately introduced her to the piggies, and we saw that they were a perfect fit.

She also said:

Since the only knowledge that I had of pit bulls was that they were supposedly vicious and prey animals - it really surprised me how well and quickly the three of them bonded.

And the piggies? Well they love the situation just as much as Moki does!

The piggies are always crawling up to Moki - smelling her - and Moki in return licks them as she lies down with them.


Pandora is the "pack leader." She was found after being abandoned in Dolores Park and today is about as outgoing as a guinea pig can be. Kristy says that Pandora loves being around people and animals alike, but will steal fresh vegetables from Frida.
This unique family trio has an inseparable bond!


Frida is the mischievous one and she enjoys playing with hay pellets.

It's clear by the way Kristy talks about her little furry family that there is a whole lot of love:

If I have a difficult day at work, I like to come home and lay with Moki and pet her, or just hold Frida and Pandora on my lap and pet them. They really relax me and always make me laugh or smile … I love hearing their little noises, seeing their individual personalities, and watching them interact with Moki.

And even though Kristy recently went through a break up these lovey-dove animals have really helped her pull through:

All three have helped bring me comfort through the pain. Moki's sad eyes and sweet face always help to take any sadness away.

But seriously, they're SO adorable.
Families truly are made.