This Guy Shares All The New Facts He Found Out About Women After Moving In With His Girlfriend And It's Hilarious

by Kailee

Women always want to know what men are thinking about them, and if they notice all of the little things we do to make their lives easier. It's no secret that a lot of men (yes, we acknowledge that some of you are AMAZING with the cleaning) are known for being untidy. A Twitter user recently posted a thread about how lucky he was that his girlfriend helped him out with all of this.

After moving in with his girlfriend, his life was completely changed. So, he decided to brag post, and it is both hilariously accurate and super sweet. Check out his sweet story below!

This makes me wonder if the sheets changing colour is the indication for him to change them.

This makes a lot of sense.

She's a keeper.

Oh yeah. Definitely a keeper.

Might make him think twice about that sock.

Each and every pillow has its purpose and matching set.

I'm with her on the pillows but the towels I can't quite wrap my head around.

Yeah, guys are pretty good too.

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