This Is By Far The Best & Most Hilarious Hilarious Hair Removal Cream Customer Review EVER

by Elana

Most websites we order products from this day are simply eager for our reviews of the products we purchased. This is obvious because once an item has been delivered we are hounded with emails urging, if not practically begging us, to review the product we recently purchased and received. Over time a lot of great responses have been collected for a lot of great (and not so great) products but sometimes a review pops up and the rest of the Internet gets a hold of it because... well, some people should just write reviews for a living because they're absolutely hysterical. 

As is the case today in this review of "Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream" found on Amazon.

This 3.5 star, 6 paragraph review is one of those things we just cannot get enough of. 


1. The product, the review, The Legend.


2. "A Warning From Across the Pond."

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