These Pictures Perfectly Describe Everything Wrong With Healthcare In The United States

by Jenny

The United States is fantastic in many ways. It's a diverse country full of people from all cultures and backgrounds, and people come from all over the world to visit it. However. one thing that IS wrong with the United States, is its healthcare system.

Most other industrialized countries in the world have a single-payer healthcare system, otherwise known as universal healthcare. In these systems, people typically pay high taxes, but those taxes go towards funding healthcare for every person in that country. When someone in a universal healthcare system goes to the hospital, gives birth, requires chemotherapy, or anything else - they don't pay for it. It's paid for by their taxes. If they do pay, it's very minimal.

In the United States, healthcare is a commercial business. It's not geared towards helping people- it's geared towards making a profit. We pay taxes that go towards funding Medicaid and Medicare, but a good majority of people in the US don't qualify for those programs. On top of paying these taxes, we pay insanely higher premiums for health insurance, and then on top of THAT, we pay fees for the actual medical care- fees that our insurance wouldn't pay.

Basically, healthcare is a privilege in the United States, when it should be right. Take a look at these sentiments on the topic.

1. Wow, so helpful!

2. Speaks for itself.

3. Wrong in so many ways.


5. This reddit user had to pay $39.35 to hold her own baby after giving birth.

6. This redditor says: "In The United States, This Is What $14,714.49 Of Medication Looks Like."

8. Do not try this at home.

9. It's been a problem for a long time.



12. Better get packing.

13. Disgraceful.


16. A sick game.

17. Yes, please.

18. Sad but true.

19. Just ...

20. Canada wins again.

21. How ironic.

22. The root problem.

23. Think twice.

24. Sad thing is, it probably actually happens.


26. This imgur user says: "As A Brit, This Is How I Plan To Dress When I Visit The US After Reading About The Cost Of Simple Healthcare."


28. The look of disgust...

30. Beyond accurate.

31. This really shouldn't be too much to ask.

34. This redditor: "My Buddies Medical Bill For A Month-Long Stay In The Hospital After Being Hit By A Driver High On Heroin."

35. "I Forgot My Meds And Had An Anxiety Attack At Work. My Boss Freaked Out And Called 911. Just Got The Bill Today, For Less Than 2 Hours Of Care And A Xanax. F*ck American Healthcare." -Redditor /u/Ayalat

36. Spoken by American-Canadian Award - Winning Science Fiction Writer, William Gibson.

37. The current state of healthcare in the United States.


39. Reddit user /u/zcypher: "I Never Truly Understood How Much Healthcare In The US Costs Until I Got Appendicitis In October. I'm A 20 Year Old Guy. Thought Other People Should See This To Get A Real Idea Of How Much An Unpreventable Illness Costs In The US."

40. This will get you thinking.

41. Redditor /u/riff1060: "Got Just A CT Scan. F*ck American Health Care."


43. "We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween. In America, This Is Terrifying To Half Of Our Population!" - Redditor /u/Norgoroth

44. This imgur user explains: "Bottle Of Eyedrops, $20 After Insurance. 'Murica."

45. "My Dad Celebrating Because He Finally Has Health Insurance And Is Able To Afford His Heart Medications." - Redditor /u/AlchemistFire

46. "This Is The Actual, Official Name Of The Republican's New Healthcare Bill." - Reddit user /u/Awards_from_Army

47. In a nutshell.

49. "I Work In A Hospital Laboratory. I Ordered A Pack Of These Cheap Plastic Rulers From Ebay For About $6. Our Medical Supplier Charges More Than $80 For The Exact Same Rulers. This Is Why Health Care Costs Are Out Of Control." - reddit user /u/moby323

51. "How I Feel With Strep Throat And No Health Insurance." - imgur user mrmatthunt


54. What goes on behind the scenes.


57. The Economist: Americans Spent 2.5 Times As Much On Healthcare As Citizens Of Other Rich Countries - But They Die 1.7 Years Earlier.

58. What a coincidence.

59. A Copy Of The Bill They Got When Their Daughter Was Born In Canada


61. Another good one from Reddit: "Insurance Agent Discovers Client Has Pre-Existing Condition (2017, Colorized)."

62. Redditor /u/egslusser says "Good Thing My Dad Had Insurance."

63. American healthcare summarized in 3 seconds.


65. Remind you of anything?

66. For people who have the expensive, good insurance, this is what they might pay. This is for a 4 week hospital stay.

67. Segment from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia."

69. Bad Luck Brian.

70. Redditor /u/grinch337 captions: "Another Picture From The American Healthcare Twilight Zone."



74. A tidbit on the US government right now.

76. A real sighting. You can BUY this.

77. Truth.

via: Lons


80. Oh my.

81. Imagine.



85. Ridiculous story from this reddit user: "My Cousins Child Birth Bill From The Hospital In The USA."


88. The sad state we're in as a country.

91. Redditor /u/moby323: "I Work In A Hospital. We Use These Simple Metal Baskets To Process Tissue Specimens. Our Hospital-Mandated Supplier Charges Us $700 Apiece For These. Seven. Hundred. Dollars. This Is Why Healthcare Costs Are So F*cked Up."

92. Another one from Reddit: "My Father In Law's Hospital Bill After 2 1/2 Days In The Hospital For Observation."

93. The fact that Walter White on Breaking Bad began making and selling meth just to pay for cancer treatment, says it all.

95. The Cost Of A Rattlesnake Bite In America.

96. Reddit user /u/rsch: "Six Months Ago, At Age 25, My Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer. Her Last Chemotherapy Treatment Was Yesterday (She's Now Cancer-Free). Cost Of Healthcare: $97,247.56. This Is Why You Need Insurance."

via: rsch

97. Just absurd: "My Buddy's Son Ate A Penny, This Is How Much The Hospital Charged For A 5 Minute Procedure To Get It Out"

via: Itzu

100. This really happens.


102. Just a complete lack of compassion.

103. Astonishing: "I'm An American, I'm Awake So Here's My Medical Bill. The Occupational Therapy Is Particularly Amusing. She Handed Me A Toothbrush."

104. Relatable.

106. How someone responds when they don't have health insurance.

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