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How All Pokemon Were Created

How All Pokemon Were Created

by James Duya

How had Pokemon creatures emerged exactly? What was the cause of such a brilliant event? We bring to you the tale of how Pokemon came to be and how they had lived with humans in harmony. 

The story is very interesting indeed, and we will also be filled in with Pokemon knowledge as we read along. For instance, we will learn what the first alien species was, to live alongside Pokemon, and which creatures can create Pokemon. But more importantly, how Pokemon lore is akin to mythology and will give us information on how the Pokemon world and human world have evolved over time. 

Who doesn't want to live in a world full of magical creatures like Pokemon? Enjoy.


1. Arceus the first creation.

2. Other Pokemon like Rayquaza were tasked to do something.

3. Pokemon from five different races inhabiting were created.

4. The start of inhabiting

5. Then Came Mewtwo

6. Arceus gave the power to evolve

7. Humans started to adapt.

8. Humans continued to adapt.

9. The Humans started to learn.

10. Light energies were created.

11. Humans continued to evolve and take over the lands.