This Video Of 30 Hummingbirds Having A Little Pool Party Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See Today

by Ayoub Mask

Hummingbirds are usually very territorial and never miss the opportunity to fight each other, but a photographer who goes by the username wildwingsla somehow managed to capture a rare and amazing moment where these hummingbirds were spotted enjoying a peaceful and calm bath together.
You can't even make this up, it's clearly obvious that they're just hanging out in a little bath that they seemed to enjoy so much they forgot that they hated each other. This video was originally shared with the following caption:

“A record 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time during this morning’s wash! You’d never know they will be harassing each other in five minutes’ time…”

via: Audubon

Lastly, this video can really teach us a lot of valuable lessons about coexistence, these birds managed to get along for at least 5 minutes, so why can't we tolerate each other like they did?

In a perfect world, we would all be as peaceful as these hummingbirds were in the video!

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