Husband Trolls His Wife Into Thinking That He's Shaved Their Son's Head

by Irene

As a mother, leaving your partner with the baby can be worrisome, especially if they don't have that parental gene that's required in being quick on their feet and ready for any dramatic situation that could be thrown their way. Having a child is a whirlwind. 

They are like bouncing gremlins on their rags, constantly changing from the most extreme moods. One second they could be happily laughing, and the next they could be screaming like hormonal banshees all because they didn't get the chocolate biscuit they saw at the local grocery store. 

This guy, Bobby Wesson, decided he would use that fear in the funniest way possible. He trolled his wife Rayena who had left him home alone with their son. Photoshop is an awesome software that people usually use to make themselves look more pleasing to the eye, but Bobby had other ideas. 

Keep reading to see how he trolled his wife and got her freaking out!

The first reaction is confusion

No, surely not

It looks so real. What's happened?!

How irresponsible!

Um, who is victim blaming here?

My poor baby looks like a 'potato!'

He's ashamed


He did it. They did it. It's done

Time for mama bear to come roaring out



This guy sure knows how to make his wife worry, doesn't he? Take a look at these mothers who have such an awesome sense of humor that they have reached infamy online. 

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