10+ Posts That Will Help You Identify Your Cat's Personality

by Ella

You know when your cat scratches your furniture, eats you out of the house or is just plain evil when it comes to everything you own. It turns out they are not crazy or mean creatures, it is simply just their personality. Now, this can explain a lot about what type of cat you have and why they are who they are. It just shows that just like humans they only get some of their behaviours through their genes, the rest is just purely their own personality coming forth and showing you who they truly are. 

They can be annoying, evil, silly and many more things, so let's go see which personality your cat has because the quicker you identify it the better and safer it is for you!


1. The muncher

Also known as the one who cannot stop eating you out of the house. They are also usually the skinny type because life is just unfair like that.

2. The nut job

So it turns out there is a crazy one. If you have a cat like this, please be advised that you will be randomly attacked just because and you will live the rest of your life with scratch marks.


3. Mr Scissor paws

You will have nothing left of any of your furniture, except for a few strands here and there. Do not invite people over, they will think you are weird instead of your cat.

4. Catsanova

The one who loves the ladies and can't seem to ever be at home. Don't worry there are a few humans that do it too and they will return home, eventually.


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