Blogger Shares Clever Illustrations Of Same Sounding Words That People Get Confused With Way Too Often

by Kailee

All too often we see words that have been butchered by people who just don't understand them. What we also find, is that words are fun, and we can make ridiculously funny word puns from them. Bruce Worden, the man and legend behind Homophones Weakly, plays around with the latter. He's really into homophones, which are two or more words that are pronounced the same, but have entirely different meanings, spelling or origins. 

In an effort to poke fun at the English language, Bruce uses beautiful yet minimalistic illustrations to show just how hard our language can be to learn and understand for even those who are born into an English-speaking family.

Bruce Worden is the man behind the blog, Homophones Weakly.

He has reimagined the English language, illustrating words that people commonly get confused.

This one is kind of ironic.

Some might experience an 'exorcise' more often than they 'exercise'.

A beet is a vegetable, everybody.

A common mistake.

Super growth spray.

So this is why those driverless cars keep crashing... Damn autocorrect.

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