This Person Started An Instagram Devoted To Taking Videos Of People Who Miss Their Train And It's Magical

by Angie

I am one of those people who are always late. Perpetually late...and then I had a kid. 

So I feel these people's pain. If I had to take public transportation everywhere I went I would be in trouble. And not just because of my failure to be on time, but because of public transportation's record of not being the best in most places. Take, for example, the screenshot below, of a page dedicated to hatred of the NJ Transit system. 

So naturally when someone started an Insta devoted to videos of people missing their train we had to take a look. It was definitely worth it. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

She totally would've made it!

🚂 🏃🏼 #getoutmeway #sidestep #drats #mondayitis

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Should've sprinted I guess.

The stiff upper lip of determination.

This guy super enjoys laughing at late people lol

"I didn't want to take this train anyway!"

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