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The Incredible Story of the Instagram Sensation That Started Out As An Afghan War Veteran

The Incredible Story of the Instagram Sensation That Started Out As An Afghan War Veteran

How many of you grew up to be the things you dreamed of being as a child? Especially those of us with crazy dreams of celebrity status? Not many. In fact, it may as well be a statistical anomaly that someone would start off as a young child dreaming and longing of days to be a model. 

As life goes on and we settle into other careers and simple, reasonable lifestyles, how often do we reflect back on the dreams of our childhood? Often enough, I'd assume. Then comes the real question... how many of us full stop and start over, to achieve our dreams of younger years? 

Well, one gal fits this story to a T, and it's no STORY. It's her real life.


1. Hope.


Take a gander at this gal. Her name is Hope Isabel Howard and her story is totally inspirational! Hope is a United States Air-force War Veteran who took her dreams into her own hands and made them all come true. 

2. Instagram


Hope is winning over the hearts and minds of thousands of fans and followers as a model and personal trainer but she didn't start off on this path, that's for sure. 

Born and raised in Florida, United States, Hope spent her whole life dreaming of becoming a model. In fact, as she reflects on her own website, she held this dream in her heart all the way back to the wee age of only 5 years old! 

Of course as we have already reflected upon our own life circumstances, dreams aren't always that easy to come true and Hope appeared to be no exception. Her longing of the fabulous lifestyle of a model faded into the background over the years and she found herself enlisting in the US Military via the Air Force. She was only 19 years old at the time and fresh out of high school, as are many newly enlisted service people. 

As an experience with an impact regarding part of Hope's service in the military, she was deployed to Afghanistan and she personally reflects this experience as "life changing."

3. Military Life


When Hope speaks of her time serving in Afghanistan it's easy to find yourself engulfed in her words:

This was both the worst and best experience of my life because I did an immense amount of growing and began to see the world differently.

Most importantly though I began to dream again and that’s when I started to become more mindful of the food I ate and began focusing on physical training. A fire started to burn inside me and it couldn’t be put out. Lifting weights and eating properly seriously saved my life!

After a whopping six years enlisted in the military Hope went home to find encouragement in fulfilling her life long dreams. With her grandmother cheering her on, Hope finally began to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a mode. 


4. History


Turns out all Hope needed was some life experience and support to fulfill her dreams because you can pretty much say "the rest is history!"

5. Stunning


Hope's popularity ranges from all aspects of her style. From flawless selfies to stunning poses, she sucks everyone in and you simply cannot look away.

6. Selfie Game Bar None


I mean, just look at her! Sporting a typical t-shirt her selfie game on Instagram blows the rest of us out of the water. She was born for this. 

But what really sells Hope to us all is her personality and ability to inspire. She may be gorgeous but it's her message that really touches souls everywhere. With a strong emphasis on not wanting others to look or be like her, but to help them in their personal and unique fitness journeys! 

In fact, Hope's words seem to resonate:

I have always believed that there is beauty to be seen in everyone. I also believe in protecting my long term health while pursuing my physique goals.

My goal as a personal trainer is not to make you feel like you need improvement but, to offer guidance and advice if you want to make a change.

Along with being a totally likable babe, Hope is like any other modern adult. She's married to a great guy and regularly posts selfies and videos with him! Check out the next page to see the featured video.

As if the awesome videos don't show us just how cool these cats are, the selfies drop our jaws!

7. Um, were they made in Heaven for each other?

Seriously, they are such a gorgeous couple.


8. Raising the bar on Partner Goals

We should all be so blessed in life.


9. Fitness Goals

Well, I'm inspired. I no longer want to "fitness whole pizza in my mouth." I want some of this in my life.


See, at the end of the day I guess you really can have it all. Your dreams can come true and you can have an inspiring story of triumph, self exploration, and huge accomplishments to bring with you along the way!

I'd say we're all walking away from this story filled with... hope. Thanks, Hope!