This Disturbing Deleted Scene From IT Didn't Make It To The Silver Screen, And For Good Reason

by Jessy

When I returned from the cinema after watching IT for the first time, I was truly quaking. The thought of a chilling and deadly clown who can bring your deepest and darkest fears to life is far more than unsettling, and I have no desire to enter the sewers - not that I ever really did in the first place!

Apparently, though, the film could have been even worse for viewers...but a scene was deleted for being far too disturbing for the already terrifying story.


If you've seen it recently too, you'll know that some of the scenes get pretty creepy.


If you haven't gone out to your local theatre to see IT yet - I definitely recommend that you do. Although it was frightening, I left the cinema feeling pretty glad I had gone.

Luckily, there is a lot of light-hearted comedy that fills the film - especially from our main man Richie.

Despite the many laughs you will get from the awesome one-liners, there are still so many opportunities for this film - and this clown - to completely give you a spook.

The projector scene was definitely one that had me covering my eyes.


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