Judge Judy Helps Reunite Little Pupper With Its True Owner

by Mikayla

It's more and more common these days to have parents in courts fighting over custody of their children and this is another one of those stories. However, there's something a little bit different about this one, the child here is an adorable little dog.

Now, this isn't all that strange, many people will tell you that their dog is family to them, and it seemed this dog might have two families. Or did it? This is what the two were arguing over.

Judge Judy took on the case with a unique technique to help the dog return to the right home.

The two had conflicting arguments; She claimed that she legally bought the dog from a woman on the street, He, however, claimed it was his dog that had been stolen. 

It's not something a judge would deal with every day, but Judge Judy knew exactly what to do...

Prepare to cry, because the minute that the little pup came into the room, it recognized its real owner and got SUPER excited.

Judge Judy let the dog choose its true owner for itself.

It was obvious the second, the pup saw his owner that he knew that was where he belonged. Judge Judy wasn't buying the plaintiffs story either, and let the dog be so that everyone could see the reaction. Despite the defendant claiming that "He does that to everyone" the little dog only seemed focused on one person in the room.

The Judge made her decision in record time, and the dog was reunited with his owner. 

And twitter was crazy for it! 

It's pretty emotional to watch the reunion take place, but who doesn't love to see a little animal being happy?

Everything was resolved and hopefully, everyone involved came out the other side having learned something. 

Check out a clip of the episode for yourself!

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