10+ Jokes You'll Only Get If You Eat Junk Food Constantly

by Mikayla

Do you ever sit on your bed, in the darkness of your room and scroll through an Instagram feed of super fit models, wishing you looked like them? Those people and all their posed photos, showing off in the gym or tugging at your tummy with all of their tasty looking recipes and food prep. Man, life seems great for them, right

Do you find that as much as you scroll and wish that was you with all of those likes, sitting wrapped up in a blanket taco munching back chips, chocolate, and your favorite meal from McDonald's makes you far happier than any salad could? Because Same.

So if you're that person that smiles when you see your fries coming, or will always choose nuggets over kale, you'll love these jokes, made just for you. 


Cheat Days:


Me Too...

That's The Tastiest Looking Snake Ever

You Eat It For The Love


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