This Is What Matters In Life To Kids Who Have Terminal Illnesses

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Dr. Alastair McAlpine, a pediatrician who lives in Cape Town, South Africa had an assignment due regarding life. He went to the hospital to children that have terminal illnesses and asked them some questions.

He asked them what gives their life meaning, what comforts them and what do they truly enjoy in life. Alastair realized that everyone can learn from these answers that the children gave him. So he decided to share his assignment on Twitter. 

The wisdom and passion for life these youngsters have is amazing! These answers will have you grabbing for the tissue box and make you appreciate your life and everyone and everything in it.

Not one of them said they wished to watch more tv or scroll through social media. Because they most likely do this so much each and every day that they get bored of it.

They all just want to spend more time with their family, friends, and pets at home.

Even though they wanted to be with their parents they expressed great concern for their well being and hope they would okay.

They explained all the fun things they love to do with their friends and family. 

Building sand castles, reading story books, practically anything fun to keep their minds of the fact that they are very sick.

You know how we always care what other people think of us? Well, it's about time we stopped doing that! 

Don't care what others think, but rather care how they treat you. This is what most of these kids wished they stopped doing a long time ago.

Kindness from strangers or people that they love was the biggest component they cared about and loved.

And of course, laughter made them feel better.

Playing with their favorite toys cheered them up and made them happy! Not playing with an iPad like most kids these days do.

Time with their family was the most precious thing to them and they couldn't get enough of it.

“I was inspired to share the thread because there was so much negativity on my timeline,” Alastair tells Scary Mommy. “My brave patients were countering it all with such beautiful and profound insights, that they immediately brightened my day, and I hoped that they would do the same for others.”

Stop buying and giving your kids all these expensive things, we know, we all want to spoil our kids and give them things that we weren't able to have when we were kids. But have you ever sat back and saw that kids are at their happiest when they are playing in the mud with their siblings or watching a movie on a rainy day with the whole family.

Those are the moments that make life worth living for all of us whether we are little kids or adults.