One Mans Last Message To His Friend Before The Las Vegas Shooting Will Make You Tell Your Friends You Love Them

by Mikayla

You've probably been told at least one hundred times to 'make sure you tell people you love them while you have the chance', but how seriously do most people consider it? To most people it means nothing, but thanks to one Imgur user, internet users are beginning to realize how quickly your entire life can change. User Upvotes4Everybody was having what he thought was a normal conversation with his friends, making jokes and being jealous that his friend was off to Vegas while he had to work. 

Two days after that text conversation his friend was a part of America's deadliest mass shooting in history, and he realized how grand a mistake he almost made. 


"Tell your friends you love them. I almost made a huge mistake."

As you can see, this conversation was just a normal exchange between friends. When uploaded, he captioned it: "What could have been the last text message I ever sent to one of my best friends."

Thankfully, his friend and his family were all okay.

Shaken and scared, his friends came out the other side, okay, and Upvotes4Everbody realised just how important it is to tell his friends how much he cares about them.


He made sure that his post made his point clear

Other users agreed, and tried to make him feel better...


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