30+ Times Where Less Was Indeed More In Situations That Show Being A Minimalist Can Be A Good Thing

by Elzaan Van der merwe

There is a saying, "less is more" and sometimes it's best to enjoy the simple things in life, rather than the complicated and lavish things. But the thing is a lot of us have loads of excess stuff in our homes and lives that we struggle to get rid of.

Some may call this being a hoarder, but sometimes it's soothing to be surrounded by things that you love and simply can't get rid of. Even though we as humans love all things complicated it is sometimes so soothing to have simple and uncomplicated things in your life. 

It makes you feel fresh and alive, while still being able to do everything you could with the more complicated things. That is why a list was compiled to show you how satisfying simple things can be.

Warning, this may make you go home and sort out your whole house. Enjoy!

All the necessary info on one card

via: Reddit

Simple and beautiful wall clock

These beer cans show you exactly what you will be drinking

via: Txaber

A book cover from 1984

via: Behance

Simple but yet very alluring

via: Reddit

Just pop it out when you need it

How cool is this?

via: Behance

A little bit weird, but still cool

via: 100per

Illustrations used for each Harry Potter book

via: Behance

What a oddly satisfying knife set

Takes up less space, but it's just as effective

Beautiful lamp that presents antlers when it is switched on

via: Fancy

Moon light that makes you feel very powerful

via: Reddit

Save some space with this BBQ

You have never seen a gravestone so simple, but yet powerful

via: Reddit

Just a simple chess set for the chess lovers

via: Reddit

Elegant and they still do their job

This minimalist watch that only shows you the time you need to know

via: Reddit

Artistic Norwegian passports

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Fahrenheit 451 is a book from Ray Bradbury where you get a match and enough striking paper

The interior of Tesla model 3

These objects look like half finished sketches

Rainbow Skittles with no colour

via: Reddit

Simpsons inspired minimal wine

via: Tumblr

Great simple dressing room hooks

via: Reddit

Beautiful sink by Victor Vasilev

Very effective help remedies for all your pains

Minimalist book covers

via: Imgur

Brilliant hanger designed for travellers

via: Monoco

Flour minimalist design

Silver block journal

via: Reddit

This simple hotel shampoo that knows you will steal it

via: Reddit

The lamp that makes it own shade

via: Yoyidea

Domino pizza box from the 60s

via: Reddit

Minimalist packaging design for well known supermarket products

Beautiful, simple and practical design for match boxes

This coffee is too strong

via: Firebox

I want this simple phone

via: Reddit

"I scraped the labels off some voss water bottles to reuse. The result looked pretty nice."

via: Reddit

Who wants to have a coffee date at this minimalist coffee shop?

Simple yet elegant pen

via: Reddit

Great packaging from this juice company

Olive oil by Evolve

Sweden Mcdonald's ad that shows the large size of their new coffee

This black water with some really smart packaging

via: Getblk

New minimalist Visa card

This awesome packaging would even make people who hate almond milk buy a bottle

Beer from Germany

via: Reddit

A 2 in 1 concept, where the box is used for packaging and a pencil holder

The no BS protein bar

via: Twitter

Elegant and beautiful record player design with a 50% less footprint

via: Behance

Would you be able to read the time?

Sometimes simple things catch our eye more than excessive things

This headphone packaging that looks like a music note

via: Reddit

"This clock has been hanging in my grandma's kitchen for 20+ years."

via: Reddit

Natural chocolate needs eco friendly packaging

Circular fruit bowls that changes angles as you add or take away fruit

Perfect packaging for vodka that makes you miserable

Kidnapped bookcover

via: Behance

Simply beautiful lava plates

via: Peca

Simple yet effective nativity set

Stylish clothing hanger

"My ultra-minimalist vanity, courtesy of Ikea and Amazon."

via: Reddit

I'm sure this cereal is so much cheaper with the minimalist packaging

via: Reddit

Super cool shadow clock

Very unique gramophone

"I liked its minimal aesthetic, and it amused my inner child."

via: Reddit

Play a game of word search while drinking wine

Cute and minimal Valentine's day cards

"Color of time minimalist wall clock which shows emotions for the time and continuous light changes during a day."

via: Behance

Great desk calendar

via: Reddit

The most obvious and simple doormat

via: Reddit

Awesome candles from Asa Akira

Beautiful silk matte business cards

You can't get more simple than this

via: Reddit

Another minimalist beer can design

via: Reddit

Monache Rosse packaging

Fancy condom packaging

via: Reddit

Justin wine label

via: Reddit

"Styling your hair should be simple. We keep every element simple including our minimal look packaging."

No more cords that are getting tangled

Anyone want some lip balm?

Apple stayed with their elegant and minimalist design when they made these headphones

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