30+ Times Where Less Was Indeed More In Situations That Show Being A Minimalist Can Be A Good Thing

by Ella

There is a saying, "less is more" and sometimes it's best to enjoy the simple things in life, rather than the complicated and lavish things. But the thing is a lot of us have loads of excess stuff in our homes and lives that we struggle to get rid of.

Some may call this being a hoarder, but sometimes it's soothing to be surrounded by things that you love and simply can't get rid of. Even though we as humans love all things complicated it is sometimes so soothing to have simple and uncomplicated things in your life. 

It makes you feel fresh and alive, while still being able to do everything you could with the more complicated things. That is why a list was compiled to show you how satisfying simple things can be.

Warning, this may make you go home and sort out your whole house. Enjoy!

All the necessary info on one card

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Simple and beautiful wall clock

These beer cans show you exactly what you will be drinking

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A book cover from 1984

via: Behance

Simple but yet very alluring

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Just pop it out when you need it

How cool is this?

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A little bit weird, but still cool

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